El curioso

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Edgar F. del Toro Diez
Professor Mabel Ortiz González
Ingl 3211-016
October 13, 2011
It had been one of those gloomy days where the sun seemed to be hiding from us people. From my experience,it can be said that the absence of the sun symbolized the presence of an atrocious event that was about to take place. It had been chilly and breezy all day long, and the night got even colder. Atabout 10:00 pm, Victor and Jorge, my two cousins, decided to go walk around the neighborhood to fool around, so I went with them. While we walked, we conversed through the neighborhood and Jorgedecided to play ding dong ditch, the risky game where you press the doorbell of an arbitrary house and run away. Unpredictable games like ding dong ditching can end up in an unwanted disgrace, which ismore or less what I have been a victim of.
We obviously agreed to the idea since we are the kind of people who like the adrenaline rush. We chose a house to pull the prank on and we debated on whoshould go up the stairway to press the doorbell. After about two minutes of discussion we heard the doorbell song and Victor and I saw Jorge sprinting as fast as he could to the perpendicular street.Realizing that our cousin had just touched the doorbell, we also ran behind him. When we reached a point where we could not been seen, laugher possessed our bodies. However, it was moments afterwhen a chilly breeze hit me and goose bumps struck my body. I had a bad feeling, so I took a look at the house, when I saw a heavy built man with no shirt on running up to us. I warned my cousins andthe three of us began to run. As it appeared to be, it was a dead end street, so we hid inside the garage of the last house. It took the man less than a minute to reach us.
The semi-naked man wasscreaming while asking who touched the doorbell. He took us one by one and jammed us against the white car behind us; he hit our chest and pushed us all around. It was no longer an adrenaline...
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