El dia de la muerte

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  • Publicado : 9 de enero de 2011
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In my country there are various holidays, but one of the most important is day of the dead .In El Salvador there are two day to celebrate it,November 1st and November 2nd. Some people say that the day of dead is a custum to go to the sementery to pray and to leave flowers. In my opinion this holiday is to remember our loved ones. In this paper Iwant to find out, why in El Salvador is celebrated the day of death, why there are two day to celebrate it, and what is its Origen.

In El Salvador most people celebrate day of dead, it doesnot matter what religion they practice. My grandmother comented, we the Salvadorian people celebrate day of death because it is an especial day to remember our loved ones, we have a custum to go to thesementery in the morning until the evening. In this holiday everything in El Salvador is paralyzed, any person goes to work except the buses drivers, because they are taking the people from the cityto their towns to visit the sementery, according to the article San Salvador Agency Notimex (2009). The Salvadorian people go to the sementery to pray, to clean the tombs, to leave flowers, oneimportant custum is that in the sementery always there are Mariachis playing and singing whatever the song the people want to their loved ones.

In El Salvador there are two days to celebrate the dayof death, they celebrate it on November 1st is called day of the “Santos y Fieles difuntos” because it is the special day remember the death of children who did not have any type of sin when they died.Similarly the article San Salvador Agency Notimex (2009) the priest Rutilio Alfonso Peraza said” the church insist on the day of the saints and faithful departed through which reconose the degree ofholiness in them, this priest said that celebration of the day dead is made because many of those killed people had get the salvation from the eternal Father and that is practically the meaning of...
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