El diario de ana frank

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It is a work not planned because the author never imagined that her diary would be known worldwide and much to the history of mankind.

The Diary of Anne Frank, shows a large, cold and cruel story of a girl who is about to enter adolescence, and that only by being Jewish has to flee with his family of elements of the SS and the Gestapo. Similarly, it is a great message of hopefor a girl who is just beginning to understand humanity and faces the greatest cruelty and violence that human beings can face (a war).


Anne began writing her diary while she was still in school and had friends and admirers like Joep and Lies. It starts the day of Anne’s 13th birthday , on 12 June 1942, when her sister give her first diary, that day Anne only wrote, that she hopedto entrust everything as she had never done with anyone.

She stopped writing until the day June 14, describing how he had been the day of his birthday. She said that wings arose six o'clock but had to wait until seven to open their gifts, and what she liked more were her diary and a book by Joseph Cohen entitled, Myths and Legends Netherlands. She also received chocolates and flowers amongother things.

The next day, received its first anniversary bill also saw a movie called “the lighthouse keeper,” with an actor called Rin-Tin-Tin.
She stopped writing for several days until Saturday June 20, 1942 as she was reflecting on what was her diary, and that she was a strange feeling to express their feelings without anyone, only she known.
That day was the first time that she callher diary Kitty, and wrote on it his story summary; in which she said that his father was 36 when he married his mother who was only 25, her sister Margot was born in 1926, she Born 12 June 1929 and their emigrated to Holland in 1933 fleeing Hitler's Nazi forces, there they thought it would be his salvation, where his father was appointed director of the Travies NV That was associated with the CIAKolen & Amsterdam.
Following the persecutions of 1938, two of his uncles emigrated to the U.S. In 1940 the good old days are going to quickly end, the war and the invasion of the Germans led them into destitution.
That was when her life took a drastic change; They could buy freely only in stores that said "Jewish business" and couldn’t walk the streets after eight o'clock at night, not evenin the gardens of their homes, or visiting friends or relatives, in addition the Jews had to use a star on their clothes to be identified.

Ana noticed something odd about her dad and one day she asked him what happened and he said that they had to flee their home because the Gestapo had quoted her sister Margot and him and they could arrest and bring to a concentration camp, "She did notunderstand how one person could do much harm."
The target date for the disappearance of the Frank family was 16 July, but because of the situation left 10 days before the date fixed and as camouflage leaving a note with an address in Maastricht.
They left in the heavy rain and wearing layers of clothing and a suitcase per person. They were helped by Miep (a girl who worked at the store and knewthe family), Mr. Koophuis, Eli and Vossen.
It met in hiding with the Van Daan family consisting of three members, the mother, father and the son Peter, who she thought was rude and without obligations and he only wanted to be reading stories for adults.
In another page she describes her new home as an old house, large, forgotten and obscure. Having two floors a very small bathroom, and asecret passage to reach a place where it would be small and dark hiding in case there danger, and she called it the Annex.

The rules for living there were very strict; as they were to keep silent when workers were in the office, couldn’t flush the toilet or faucet open until they were alone in the building, the procedure to take a shower was bathing in a tub to be used in shifts and in areas that...
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