El dinero, la banca y los mercados financieros

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  • Publicado : 25 de agosto de 2012
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I develop organizational of the companies

The development Organizational is a systematic planned process, in which there get the beginning and thepractices of the sciences of the behavior in the organizations, with the goal of increasing the individual efficiency and of the Organization, the approachis in the organizations and in achieving that they work better, that is to say, with a total change of the system.

The development organizational isa planned effort of the whole organization, and controlled from the level mass highly to increase the efficiency and the well-being of the organizationby means of interventions planned in the "processes" of the organization, applying the knowledge of the sciences of the conduct.

The developmentorganizational is a long-term effort, for which this guided and supported by the high management, to improve the vision, the delegation of authority, thelearning and the processes of resolution of problems of an organization, by means of a constant administration and of collaboration of the culture of theorganization.

Finally the Development Organizational is a very extensive topic, but in this work we focus ourselves to describing that it is, thatincludes fields and the form in which it can be applied. I believe that nowadays the majority of the companies that want to reach the total quality, lookfirst for the quality of his persons and to do that these have a good development inside the company in order that they are satisfied and compromised by her.
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