El dinero una forma mas de gorbierno

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United States Naval Academy, also know as ANNAPOLIS or NAVY, located in Annapolis, Maryland, the institution was founded in 1845, educates officers commissioning in the United StatesNavy and Marine Corps.
The campus has 40,000 square metres, was founded by Secretary of the Navy George Bancroft, The school opened on 10 October with 50 Midshipmen students and seven professors,The Academy's motto is Ex Scientia Tridens, Which means "Through Knowledge, Sea Power."

The trident emblem of the Roman god Neptune, represents seapower.
It´s a Federal military academy,PHRASES
* I swear on my mother.- lo juro por mi madre
* Before you achieve, you must believe.- para lograr debes creer
* I´ve been in the Navy all my bloomin´life .- llevo en la marina toda mivida

1. Mermaid.- sirena
2. Squad .- escuadrón
3. Giggles.- juego para pasar el rato
4. Twince.- gemelos
5. Midshipman.- guardia marina
6. Butterball.- bola de grasa7. Capable.- capaces
8. Failure.- fracaso
9. Lieutenant.- teniente
10. Plebes.- cadetes

Some Similitaries between the nautical school and Annapolis are: the plebesand the nautical students wear military uniform, like the white uniform conformed by a shirt and, pants and white shoes, also they have a military regimen, well the nautical school is not completelybut is semi-military, that’s enough jajaja ….they have a rank structure where their range varying by school year and or officer rank and the nautical are the same, in the campus Annapolis thediscipline is very important for educate the future officers.

the character with I identify is huard, but no for his body or his face, of course, I identify withhim because he never need help, well never admit that he nedd it, but if he need it he just don’t say it, well when bout receive help from anybody or wherever we just say “I don’t need your help”...