El emprenderismo

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Stronghold: Crusader – Readme

Section 1 - Useful web addresses

Section 2 - Keyboard Commands (additional information)
Section 3 – Mini map icons
Section 4 – Extra features or changes inthe game

Section 5 - Setting Up Your Identity

Section 1. Useful web addresses


Section 2 - Keyboard Commands

Bookmarking Locations - CTRL + ALT + 0 to 9: Pressing CTRL & ALT & 0 to 9 creates a bookmark of the current location on the map. PressALT and the appropriate number to return to this location.

Select Units of Same Type - Double-click on a troop to select all units of the same type visible on screen.

Cycle through Bookmarks: -Mouse Wheel down.

Troop Assembly Points (Barracks & Mercenary Post) – 1 to 7. You can create assembly points for each troop type in the barracks panel & mercenary post. Open the barracks (B) thenpress 1 - 7 and you will be able to place a flag. The troop you create from the building will walk to the flag. You can set assembly points for other buildings types such as the engineers post ,tunnelers guild and cathedral.

Speeding Up The Credits – Cursor Down, SHIFT & Cursor Down.

Section 3 – Mini map icons

(Displayed on the edge of the mini-map)

Circle – The Keep is enclosed.Exclamation mark (!) – An event is occurring. You can click on the ‘!’ to go to the location the event is happening.

Shield – This shows the identity of the person who is speaking to you.Section 4 – Extra features or changes in the game

The Assassins are invisible to your enemies and can only be seen when they have been spotted by the enemy’s troops. An ‘!’ will appear above theassassins heads to show you they have been seen.

When playing a multiplayer game the host will be shown with a star next to their name.

You can trade commodities with your allies. To do this,...
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