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  • Publicado : 20 de junio de 2011
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Congratulations on your purchase of this Sony® VAIO® computer and welcome to the on-screen User Guide - Introduction Version.

About the User Guide
This User Guide - Introduction Versionprovides you with limited information on your computer. You can download your model's complete User Guide from the Internet. The complete version of the User Guide provides the following information:❑ Location information of controls and ports ❑ Features and operating instructions ❑ Precautions ❑ Troubleshooting

To download the complete version of the User Guide from the Internet
You will needto update your computer with the VAIO Update software to download the complete version of the User Guide. 1 2 3 Connect your computer to the Internet. Click Start , All Programs, and VAIO Update andthen follow the on-screen instructions.

Confirm that the check box for the user guide is selected and click Download. The complete version of the User Guide will replace this file automatically.✍

In case you have trouble downloading the complete version of the User Guide, contact our customer information center. To find contact information, refer to Finding Support Information on thefollowing page.

Updating Antivirus Software
Help protect your computer against security threats by keeping Internet security programs current with the latest updates. You can download and install theupdates from the web site of the manufacturer, such as Norton™ or McAfee™.

To download and install the latest security updates
1 2 3 Connect your computer to the Internet. Click Start, AllPrograms, and select the antivirus software. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the updates.

Keep your computer secure also by downloading updates from the Windows Update software and theVAIO Update software. To download the updates, click Start, All Programs, Windows Update or VAIO Update.

Finding Support Information
The Sony online support web site provides instant access...
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