El estudiante ideal

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  • Publicado : 12 de octubre de 2010
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The Ideal Student

Who is an ideal student? Some may think that an ideal student should be brilliant in his studies and always stand at the top of the successful students. But it is a wrongthinking. He should be well in his studies and his scores should be at least above a 60 percent as Macris School requires. But he need not be brilliant. Brilliant students are often regard themselves assuperior beings. He should be intelligent and practical and never neglects studies or other activities of the school.
An ideal student is always positive, optimistic, cooperative disciplined andlaborious. He is obedient, respectful to his teachers and to the school staff as well. He must be punctual, regular and cooperative with other students as best as he can. At the same time, he takes activepart in games and sports and extra-curricular activities such as soccer, volleyball or basketball. In a more personal way he also has to be friendly, kind and cooperative and liked by his friends andteachers because you can’t be a Leader if others have problems with your personality or way of being.
An ideal student is well aware of his duties and responsibilities as a student. He knows how muchhe owes to his parents (especially in this rough days we are living), teachers and the society. He must takes the full advantage of the opportunities offered. He uses his time wisely and in a plannedway and believes that time is money. He knows that students are the future citizens, leaders, parents and who knows famous scientists. This sense makes him responsible in all his energies and becominghimself in a useful citizen of the country. He also must never forget to be proud of his country, history and culture.
To conclude with, The Ideal Student should have always as the number one goal,to make his country a better country, the world a better world and his personal/educational life very successful. If all us students can find this hard but perfect balance, we are going to be able to...
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