El estudiante

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  • Publicado : 5 de septiembre de 2012
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“El estudiante”

The movie its about an old man called Chano who sign up for studying literature at a collage in Guanajuato. At firsthe was not approved by the people at the collage because all of them were young people and they saw him strange and crazy.
By the moviecontinue Chano started being accepted by the other students, Chano start teaching them and also helping them about life and and love byhis own experience.
They all get very close and start helping each other to get the goals they had.
Values in the movie:
1.Friendship: when one of the girls get pregnant the other ones support her and help her
2. Patience: when Chano achieve get close to the otherstudents after waiting some time
3. Respect: all of the students start respecting Chano because of all his knowledge
4. Love:the love between Chano and his Wife
5. Optimism: was always trying to help them and make them feel secure he tried to make them thinkin a positive way
Chano was totally a leader, he was a good listener, available and confident
I thing the most obvious habit will bethe habit of reading and almost all of them use it
Is it correct to follow examples from a book or any other character?
I cant say if itis correct or not following a character or something for a book because for me it depends in the way you use the information of the book.
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