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  • Publicado : 18 de mayo de 2011
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Words, words…Are really words enough?
Think about it, it’s very simple and easy to say things and don’t stop talking butit’s so difficult to be consequent.
Why is this?
The people right now don’t know what is the compromise and the position how to talk.First, every word has 2 very important things that must go with them, the power or intention and the meaning of the word.
Well, if thepower of the word doesn’t exist, the word will never have a real meaning, so it’s just a word, a simple and miserable word. I think that wenee to put power when we talk, right? Or only one intention either it doesn’t mean something. Because, the person that you are talking to,will think that you are lying or that you are not taking seriously anything because you don’t have a position, you have to expressyourself correctly.

Then the meaning of the word is very important. It includes to stop talking too much and act quickly, don’t leave thethings that you want to do for tomorrow, that has the commitment with you.
Just do it and don’t wait, because then it’s too late … so,when you will do it all the words that you said? If you act and do it, the words are going to be words with a meaning and importance, youwill feel happy , and you will feel a fantastic winner with your self because all the words that you say, they transforms to real.
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