El extranjero vs the guest

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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2012
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¨ El Extranjero ¨ vs. The Guest

We are going to see the similarities that are between both books (¨El Extranjero & The Guest) written by Albert Camus. The first thing we can see is the¨existentialism ¨ that always manage Albert Camus in their writings. In another hand we can see the concept of the absurd that also the author manages on his plays. Albert Camus uses very much all thehistorical events that are passing on the time the play was written. In conclusion we are going to analyze both stories for we can have a better image about how is the work of the author.

The concept ofexistentialism is very present on all the stories, we can see like in ¨El Entranjero¨ the main character that is Mersault, he don’t care to much what it is happening with people neer to him, he justlive moments as he wants, he is a cold person, since his the death of his mother he never feel sadness, when his ¨girlfriend¨ ask him to married her, he didn’t care about it, he just say that whateverpass he wouldn’t care. Also when he take the decision to kill the Arab man, he just do it, because he thinks it was okey. Also this is reflected in ¨The Guest¨ were the main character Daru has a veryimportant decision on what he had to do with an Arab prisioner. He is a very lonely person, he live on the top of a mountain living a kind of anarchy Daru encounters himself with having to decide thedestiny of an Arab prisoner, but at the end he lives the Arab to decide which his faith will be; which defends the idea of existentialism of everyone being free to decide about his actions andconsequences.

Another interesting topic is the one of the absurd that Albert Camus like very much to talk about. In both stories it is very evident, for example we can see the case of the ¨El Extranjero ¨in the prison and when the judge accuse him for his attitude toward the death of his mother, the assassination of the Arab man, and his believing in god make evidential the absurd in the book...
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