El fantasma de canterville

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  • Publicado : 22 de febrero de 2011
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Holly Kennedy is young, attractive and love to enjoy of his life until her husband died a victim to a massive braintumor.
It's then plunged into a deep hole that threatens to engulf his desire to live life. After several months of confinement at home, her mother tells herthat long ago got a letter in your name to his parents' home with a title in capital letters: The list ! Holly then remembers her husband, reminding one of hisforgetfulness. "The day I die I'll let you written a list of everything you do ...' With a knot in the stomach contains the mysterious letter which proves tobe a package. When opened, Gerry's handwriting is in ten small envelopes and a letter. Each envelope bears the name of a month of the year, but there are onlyten, from March to December. Happy to have something to hold on after losing her husband, Holly reads the letter. In it, her husband said to be Ariran each onthe first day of each month. As the months pass, Holly is opening envelopes, feeling better with each council that Gerry wrote for her courage in knowing thatis able to overcome, to find a new life. Friends and family are important people in your life. His peculiar family, which before Gerry died hardly understood,and their best friends, Denise, Sharon and John, the support for all those difficult months. Holly discovers throughout the book there are many things in yourlife that's worth even well overdue, and something even more important, which alone is capable of achieving many others, still feeling the loss of Gerry.
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