El filosofo, exposiscion de grecia

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  • Publicado : 9 de febrero de 2012
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My personal experience in the museum was really good. I went a Sunday with Maricarmen and Jime and we had a really good time. I liked the museum a lot because it reminded meof Hercules and I thought it was really interesting to watch those sculptures, vases and stuff for real and not just in the movies. I think Greek people in that time had a serious obsession regardingsex because almost every sculpture there was had to do with it.
I was impressed by the amount of homosexual sculptures there were as well, I can’t believe they were so normal about it since so longago. So I choose this sculpture (“The philosopher”) because I thought it was interesting how they personified the sculpture, the gestures and the expression on his face.
Thissculpture that’s called “The philosopher” is has been made on marble. It personifies the ancient philosopher Sophocles. It isn’t a full body sculpture. It is just the head. We can see that the man inthis sculpture is kind of old, he has a curly beard as many of the ancient Greek people. He is wearing a cap. His nose looks a little cracked and he has a serious expression.

I cansee the movement in this sculpture in the expression on his face which is really serious. As if he was thinking about something really important and didn’t want to be bothered. The wrinkles on hisforward also signify movement because it means he’s pulling his eyebrows together.
This sculpture highlights the expression of Sophocles and how it shows by his gesture that hewas a respected man. Incidentally his gesture tells us he is analytic and straight forward.
It doesn´t have any negative space and it isn’t a very big sculpture, but I guess it shows everything youneed to recreate a philosopher, which is the head.
The form of the sculpture makes it shadowy mostly on his eyes, which is why he looks so serious and kind of angry.
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