El Funcionamiento Cognitivo, Las Variables De Personalidad y El Logro Académico De Los Niños Hemofílicos y Normal: Un Estudio Comparativo

Cognitive Functioning, Personality Variables and Academic Achievement of Hemophilic and Normal Children: A Comparative Study

Jayanti Basu, Monami Roy Chowdhury, Apurba Kumar Mitra

IntroductionHemophilia is a sex chromosome-gene-related bleeding disorder specifically for males in which an essential clotting factor in blood is either partly or completely missing. In case of any internalor external bleeding, injection of blood derivatives or the missing factor is the major treatment. In rural and even some urban areas, the diagnosis of Hemophilia is made quite late, even in lateadolescence, either owing to negligence and ignorance of the parents, or worse still, occasionally due to wrong or uninformed medical practice. Even when diagnosis has been made correctly, owing to thehigh price of the processed blood factor, many Hemophilic patients In India are left untreated and suffer damage of joints and muscles. In more extreme cases of CNS bleeding or intracranial hemorrhage(ICH), even death may happen. At the same time, unprocessed whole blood obtained through standard blood donation procedure or other processed blood derivatives like plasma concentrate may be injectedand are supplied at some centers free of cost; but repeated injection of these derivatives exposes the patient to the risk of blood borne infections including HBV, HCV and HIV, or development ofinhibitors.

These constraints are likely to give rise to a number of psychosocial problems for Hemophilic children. There is paucity of studies relating to the psychosocial condition of persons withHemophilia, and studies in India are practically negligible. A few studies abroad have theoretically emphasized the role of psychosocial factors and intervention (Casey & Brown, 2003; Jones, 2002),but only a few have actually conducted empirical studies. Two studies in the mid-nineties conducted in Kolkata highlighted the importance of such empirical work (Bhattacharyya et al., 1995; Basu &...
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