El gueguense

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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2010
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1. Litle of the book: The Güegüense

2. The author: Rolando Ernesto Tellez

3. The setting: a. Time: In Colonial Times

b. Place: In the streetsof a colonial town in Nicaragua

4. Characters:
* Colonial Governor Tastuanes: dressed in Spanish, is the target of the taunts of Güegüense and represents the highest authority of the RoyalCourt King of Spain bone in Colonia.
* Bailiff or Capitan Chief Alguacil: subjects of the governor.
* Güegüense: father, is a liar, a fake crook, a comedian who leads the double-talk and givesmeaning to the conversation.
* Don Forcico: his older son gives back to his father in his lies and tricks.
* Don Ambrosio: his younger son discovers his father reproached.
* Doña SucheMalinche: governor’s daughter.
* Royal Secretary: subjects of the governor

5. Plot (Summary)

The plot has 314 parliaments (as the first written version) and goes like this: he Güegüense isvisited by Captain Constable, who summoned him to the Royal Court to arrange payment of your taxes. Once before the Governor Tastuanes, the skilled Güegüense uses his wits to convince him to join inmarriage to Mrs. Suche Malinche and loyal son Don Forsica, thus avoiding having to pay anything to these authorities he despises. In parliament, the phrase slyly Güegüense displays two-way and oftensimulates a hearing to mock and deceive the authorities of the Royal Court, it also boasts wonderful goods, repeatedly listing. These goods are real according to his son Don Forsica, but his son DonAmbrosio expressed anger that are false, accusing his father of a charlatan and a liar. Güegüense finally closes the deal with a party at the Royal Court.

6. Climax

When he say that he has a bondlesof clothes, chest of gold, a chest of silver, clothes from Spain, smuggled clothes, bras, feather bloomers, silk stockings, golden shoes, breaver hats, stirrup straps of gold and silver; and his son...