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is a Colombian city, capital of Atlántico. In 1993 he was constitutionally erected special district, industrial and port. Is located north of the country on the Caribbean coast on the west bank ofthe Magdalena River, 7.5 km from its mouth in the Caribbean Sea. It has one of the seaports and major river and assets of Colombia, as well as being an important commercial, industrial, cultural anduniversity in the Caribbean Region
Barranquilla's population is 1,148,506 people, making it the fourth most populous city after Bogotá, Medellín and Cali. The city is the core of the Metropolitan Areaof Barranquilla, which also comprises the towns of Soledad, Galapa, Malambo and Puerto Colombia. The metropolitan area is home to 1,821,517 inhabitants, occupying also the fourth position among theconurbations of the country. As capital of the department, Barranquilla is home to the Governor of the Atlantic, the Departmental Assembly and the High Court of the Atlantic, the highest judicial body ofthe department.

The establishment of the city dates from the third decade of the seventeenth century, when the areas adjacent to the Magdalena River began to settle about grants awarded by theSpanish Crown. During the time of Independence, Barranquilla was distinguished by the support of its inhabitants to the cause of liberation, which earned him a villa built in 1813. Only until the secondhalf of the nineteenth century acquires strategic and economic importance at the beginning of steam navigation on the Magdalena River, which allowed him to become the country's main export port untilthe first half of the twentieth century. Since the late nineteenth century until the 30 the century, Barranquilla was the main point of entry into Colombia of thousands of immigrants and advances suchas aviation, radio and telephone, as well as several sports

The city is home to one of the folk festivals and major cultural Colombia: The Carnival of Barranquilla, declared Cultural Patrimony...
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