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The British Rock Invasion

1964 When it all began to change
Names of rock bands that sound like many of today but are not. They were bands from the UK that followed the greatest of them all, TheBeatles, in 1964, over 45 years ago.
For anyone not around at the time, it is rather hard to explain how society began to change in the US (it has already changed in the UK) simply because a littleknown band called The Beatles. The change took root then and flourished in 1965, 1966 and beyond. Before the British invaded, the world in the US was drab. Musically, it was silly rock songs done byclean cut, Elvis wannabes, like Ricky Nelson, Paul Anka, Bobby Darin. The bands were also clean looking and neat, like The Beach Boys, The Ronettes, The Four Seasons. That was how American rock haddeveloped from the 50's.
The death of President Kennedy is often cited as a reason for the change, which is nonsense. American rock was stale and boring. There were no new artists or new look that reallywere different. At least nothing as dramatic as The Beatles, with long hair on their foreheads, beatle boots, cool outfits. Even more dramatic was their sound, which made any cover song original doneby the original different and better (listen to Chuck Berry's Roll Over Beethoven, or Mr. Postman, Twist and Shout, Money(the best ever recorded). Their themes ranged from silly love songs to seriouslove songs (You Can't Do that, If I Fell, This Boy) and non-love themes.

La invasión de Rock Británico

1964 Cuando todo empezó a cambiar
Los nombres de las bandas de rock que suenan como muchosde hoy, pero no lo son. Eran bandas del Reino Unido que siguió a la más grande de todos ellos, The Beatles, en 1964, más de 45 años.
Para cualquiera que no esté cerca en el momento, es bastantedifícil explicar cómo la sociedad empezó a cambiar en los EE.UU. (esto ya habia empezado a cambiar en Reino Unido), tan solo porque un grupo poco conocido llamado The Beatles. El cambio comenzó y...
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