El hombre mas rico de blonia

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“Finding Nemo”
(Andrew Stanton)

It is a movie of digital animation of the company Pixar Animation Studios. The script is based on Andrew Stanton's argument. This work is dedicated to thedirector and supervisor of animation Glenn McQueen. Does are the principal characters Albert Brooks (Marlin), Ellen DeGeneres (Dory), Alexander Gould (Nemo).
This story begins with a smallfish clown his name is Nemo, The only son that Marlin still had after a barracuda was attacking the anemone where it was living in the reef and was finishing with his pair, called Coral and with hisother children. From this event, Marlin takes charge taking care of his son of excessively protective form, which gives place to which Nemo rebels and undertakes an adventure taking advantage of anexcursion of the college. Nemo, in his zeal to demonstrate his valor and his aptitude to be unrolled in spite of having an atrophied fin, is caught by a diver by a network and finishes in the aquarium ofa dentist in Sídney's city to be the gift of the niece of the dentist, Darla.
Since then his father undertakes a long search to meet on tracks that lead him to recovering his son. In theway there joins a fish of little memory called Dory. The two have to avoid problems between those who meet the vegetarian sharks, the jellyfish, the turtles, a whale which they speak "cetacean" and thegulls. During his trip also they receive the help of other prominent figures between those who are the nice turtles. Meanwhile, Nemo begins a great friendship with the fish that live inside theaquarium and both urden a plan to escape and to return to the sea, though it does not give them proved. Marlin comes finally to the place where there is Nemo, Sídney, just person in the day in which Nemois going to be the new fish for Darla.
Marlin and Dory come to Nemo's aquarium, but as this one he becomes the dead man not to be adopted by the girl; Marlin gives himself defeated and...
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