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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2010
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The Changelling
1.It was a negative and stupid attitude because of the mistakes done by police. They curt understand he puin of his mother. To they have conited abig mistake. It was completely incorrect because they doesn´t have respect for the mother.
2. Because she was ``crazy´´. They think that the mother were crazy becauseshe doesn´t recogroisect her owa saw.
3. A code 12 is fighting against the psychopathic people.
4. He was important because he killed many kids with his cousin. Therecognized Collin in a photo of the murdered children.
5. The children where kidnapped when they were lasted. Thaw where coming in this car murderer and he tool thechildren to hake thaw and kidnap them.
6. He was important because he was a support for Collins nothes. He helped her to go out of the psychological guard.
Item 2.1. Thea death purishment should be legal for those who don’t hare a solutions. Serial murderers, and kichappers, and those who rape many people on children. An ``eyefor we eye´´ punishment shouldn´t be legal because it has many incorrect usings. Like whiny an hand for stote, but maybe who clid that hasn´t opportunities to guinmoney and survive. In our days many criminals conmited murder or rape and go to jail. But parsing these or four years they just get out and free, so they do it again. Aprison doesn´t redubilite nobody. So many people thinks that death punishment is inhuman, but they cant that a murder is inhuman too. So in conclusion, in many casethis radical punishment many he should be an option for those who feel a lot of pain for his lusted loved people, and they feel that justice is ironically injustice.
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