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Course Fee

The course cost is $600.00 per student, including tuition, study materials and lab fees. Transportation, food and lodging costs are the responsibility of the student.


Evidence Collection
Accelerated Training Program

To enroll, call (800) 356-7311 or register online at www.sirchie.com. The school will forward information to each registrant.

raleigh is servedby several major airlines through the raleigh/Durham international Airport, which is just a short drive from Sirchie’s training complex. Transportation from motels to the training center is normally provided by the student.



Accommodations Location

There are a number of hotels in the area. call our Training Director at (800) 356-7311 or email attraining@sirchie. com for a complete list.

The course is held at Sirchie‘s state-of-the-art manufacturing and training complex in Youngsville, North carolina.

January 11-15 February 8-12 March 8-12 April 19-23 May 10-14 June 7-11 September 13-17 October 11-15 November 1-5

To register call (800) 356-7311 or register online at www.sirchie.com
Only a limited number of spaces for eachclass.

SP343R8 (6/09)

100 Hunter Place, Youngsville, North Carolina 27596



Phone: (800) 356-7311 • Fax: (919) 556-6784 Email: training@sirchie.com Web: www.sirchie.com
Copyright © 2009 Sirchie Finger Print Laboratories

You need to attend this program if…
• You process crime scenes. • You want to learn more aboutthe latest tools and techniques used to process crime scenes. • You want to find as much evidence as possible at the crime scene.
Over the past 30 years, Sirchie has trained thousands of law enforcement professionals worldwide. continuing our strong commitment to serve the law enforcement community, Sirchie is pleased to offer a 40-hour training course designed to further the knowledge and skillsof law enforcement professionals in evidence collection and crime scene technology. Due largely to U.S. Supreme court decisions regarding the admissibility of confessions and admissions of guilt, the criminal investigator is forced to rely heavily on physical evidence to prove his/her case. Physical evidence encompasses any and all objects that can establish that a crime has been committed orprovide a link between the crime and its victim, or the crime and its perpetrator. it is almost impossible to commit a crime without leaving any physical evidence, even if in microscopic amounts. The difficulty is recognizing it, knowing where to find it, how to find it and how to properly collect it. Thoroughly trained investigators are the key to successful evidence collection. however, most lawenforcement officers have busy work schedules and don’t have the time to acquire this specialized training. cognizant of this dilemma, Sirchie offers a crime Scene Technology program. The Monday through Friday course covers the scientific methods of collection, identification, evaluation and preservation of physical evidence. The program features “hands-on” use of equipment and materials to achieve athorough and comprehensive understanding of the evidence collection mission.
Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate and class picture.

Limited Class Size

1. Crime Scene Investigation
The various types and categories of physical evidence are reviewed with the emphasis being placed on the proper procedures for securing the crime scene andpreparing to collect evidence.

8. Physiological Fluids

2. Fingerprint Theory
A small student/instructor ratio creates a better learning atmosphere and gives students more individual attention.

The fundamental principles of fingerprints are examined, including the basic concepts of ridge pattern development, identification characteristics and classification methods.

Students learn to...
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