El lenguaje del cuerpo

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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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His propose of search born of necessity to strangles in the Normal School some process, of leading about its graduated, so have been variousstudents or projects that were starting but they aren´t end. According with this, there are many information that has not been process and analyzed in order to grave areal answer to a continue process to its graduates above the itevas on MEN national educative minister and can serve as reinforcement to disciplinary andacademic process in the institution.
Me talked in reference the before proofed about following of graduation, so working from empiric researching method, prohibitingthe learning of everyone characteristics about the study object. In this case be students graduation in the Normal School Quetame, and based on the researchingabove study of case, it desire so debate and reflecting a ronl the characteristics of this study an improve actions and interview in order to get well processaccording to starting of propose reseeding.
According this me wish confining to all process of followings to graduated, strengths no only the system dates but alsoanalyze the same and thus find those process that in the institution will be according with the MEN policy.
In order to finish, is important mention one stagesfollowing and emerge in the investigation, beige a step more in order to shunt the quality in our institution, thought reflecting no only the performance andwork about the educative community but also the supervision of entities to tally certifications to get the high quality in education proposed by the ministory
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