El leon

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*The Queen Anne sailed for a few more days, but it couldn't find the Bermuda Triangle.
*The men were angry,
*The Captain Scott decided to speak whit them. The Captain reassured,telling them that the effort would be highly paid for this long voyage.
*The captain asked them to wait a little more.
*Them, Blackbeard's ghost was walking behind the men, and put his hand inSmith's pocket and threw the jewels on the deck in front of Smith. “Smith was the one who had stolen some jewelry from the chest.
*When this happened, they shouted "You're a liar!"
*This stared tofight between all, until one of them shouted: “Ship”, was a ship with a black flag, a ship coming towards them.
* The captain Scott shouted, enemy ship approaching, Open the cannons! “Prepare to fight!"and the battle began.
*Them, Captain Pike jumped on board the Queen Anne, with two of his men where Blackbeard's treasure was.
* Captain Scott saw them below and followed with his sword in his handand fought again.
*The captain Scott said "You will die before you touch a piece of what's behind that door!"
* Pike's men broke the door open and Captain Pike opened both chests.
*Pike put hishands on the shining jewels of Blackbeard's treasure.
*The jewels were a beauties,
* His men helped open the chest, but both Pike's hands were badly hurt.
* They took one of the chests, andthought back after the other, and his men took the wrong chest, it was the chest with the Queen´s gold in it.
* Blackbeard was smiling at Captain Pike, knowing that no one would get his gold.

* El Queen Anne navegó por unos días más, pero no pudo encontrar el Triángulo de las Bermudas.
* Los hombres estaban furiosos,
* El capitán Scott decidió hablar ápice ellos. El capitánaseguró, diciéndoles que el esfuerzo sería muy bien pagados para este largo viaje.
* El capitán les pidió que esperara un poco más.
* Ellos, el fantasma de Barbanegra estaba caminando detrás de los...
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