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After going to school in Detroit, Michigan Lwof, Percy and Justin went to the library. Percy started saying that there was life in other planets near to ours. Lwof and Justin thoughtthat it was a very stupid idea.
¨Hey, Percy, Mr. Brain head, your stupid theory makes absolutely no sense¨- said Lwof
¨Yes it actually does makes sense. Last night when I looked throughmy telescope I saw a planet that looked like a star. I could also see a weird sort of space ship full of aliens enter the planet.¨- said Percy
¨Yea, yea, yea, as if we were going tobelieve you, for your information we are not stupid Percy¨- said Justin.

The next day at about 6:30 AM, Percy knocked on Lwof´s door and came running in.
¨Hey, hey Lwof guess what? ¨¨What, are you going to tell me you saw aliens traveling through the universe¨- asked joking Lwof
¨Yep, but actually I didn’t just see 1, I saw a troop of about 10!!! ¨

That day inschool Percy acted really strange. He didn’t pay attention in class, and didn’t talk to any one. The only thing he did was write and draw stuff in his book. Once the school finished Percymet Justin in the parking lot. Percy showed him his block. It had drawings of ships and planets, math’s, and designs of every type of weapon you could imagine.
¨Ok the ting is goingreallllly creepy¨-said Justin
¨What if we meet today at your house at 3:30 PM¨- said Justin
Percy nodded and left.

Justin went to Percy’s house and looked through the telescope. Hecouldn’t believe what he was seeing. !0 ships entering America, 3 were going to Alabama, 2 were going to Chicago, 2 to New York and 3 to Michigan.
¨Wow, that’s reallyamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaziiiing!!!!!!!!¨
¨That’s nothing, the most amazing thing is that 2 of the ships that are coming to Michigan are going to land in my backyard at 3:40 PM¨
¨We only have 1 day left¨
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