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Ivan Isidoro
Jocelyn De La Rosas
Chemistry, per.5
Reaction Rate and Temperature Lab

Pre lab Questions:
1. Magnesium and Acetic acid
Mg + 2CH3COOH Mg(CH3COO)2 + H2

2. Whymust you cut and clean all the magnesium pieces to be exactly the same?
We have to keep all the variables consistent.

3. How much acetic acid is actually in vinegar?
5% of acetic acidis in vinegar.

5. Why must the volumes of vinegar be the same in each reaction?

6. Are reaction time and reaction rate the same thing? Explain.

No, but they are connected. Itschange/time.
Does the temperature play a role in the reaction rate?

1) Place an equal volume of vinegar in each of six test tubes.

2) Cut and sand a 12 cm piece ofmagnesium ribbon until it is clean and shiny.

3) Cut the magnesium ribbon into six equal pieces of 2 cm each.

4) Place one test tube in a water bath in which you have placed some ice cubes to make thewater about 10° below room temperature.

5) After 2 min, when the temperature of the vinegar should be the same as that of the water
bath, drop in a piece of the magnesium ribbon. Record the timeit takes for the ribbon to react
completely with the acid in the vinegar. Proceed with the other trials while this reacts.

6) Repeat with a test tube of vinegar that is at room temperature.

7)Meanwhile, begin heating water in another water bath, Place the remaining four test tubes of
vinegar into the water bath. Monitor the temperature of the bath.

8) When the bath is 10°C above roomtemperature, remove one of the tubes, record the
temperature, and drop in a piece of magnesium ribbon. Record the time it takes to react

9) Keep an eye on the temperature of the waterbath so that you can remove a test tube each
time the temperature goes up another 10 °C and run another reaction.

10) Repeat until you have six values total. The lowest value should be at 10 °C...
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