El malestar en la globalizacion

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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Now a days the people in Brasil think that their country is getting better compare with others countries in the world and America , these is beacusethey believe that their economy is getting much better and the the optimist of the brazilian also help beacuse they are tring to get a better country to theylive in and they feel very proud of and be BRAZILIAN
At the moment the Brazilian people are doing some bussines strategies to have a better conection with othercountries to have or do bussines od importing and exporting ,they know the products that they can buy from others and offer to others
Right now the brazilian arelearning others languages so they can comunícate like english or spanish so they can get better and do bussines
They are planing to expand they locals brands toothers countries like coffe and so they feel the way they do about their country and example of these is world global company NESCAFE it have been alot of timeproducing coffe in Brasil that they belive that the company is Brasilian
Generally speaking there are so many rules or good points to have a bussines relation withBRASIL and i think they are very true all the companies should follow it
I think they are they are prepared for competition with the world company brands
Iwent last summer to Brasil and i think they are helping their country to be one of the best and one a days they are so proud that they are having the olimpics gamesand the world cup
They take about they cities and about their they por people and they love and feel so proud of they actual president and see about all the people
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