El manatee

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  • Publicado : 7 de diciembre de 2010
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Measures of Conservation

The Antillean manatee was included in the federal list of species in danger of extinction in the 1967. In order to reduce the causes of deaths ofmanatees it is necessary to regulate the speed of boats and "jet skis" so that the collisions with these can be avoided. Also the agencies must take measures to make sure that construction projectsnear the coast do not affect them, as it happens with the erosion towards the sea caused by the earthwork or the direct contamination of waters with chemical agents. The erosion often causes that thequality of cost near waters diminishes, affecting the submarine vegetation on which the manatees are fed.

Mrs. Carrero
Science Class
Dr. Juan B. Soto School


EndangeredSpecies in Puerto Rico

Manatee Antillean

The manatee is an aquatic mammal of great size that can measure up to twelve feet of length and grief near 3.500 pounds. Its body is massive, without hairand its skin she is heavy and almost it lasts. The front legs have been modified in form of fins and the tail is squashed forming a species of powerful fin to plunge itself. It does not have back legssince its tail is more efficient to move under the water. Although the manatee one passes all its life in the water, needs to breathe fresh air reason why it must make frequent trips to the surface ofthe water.

The female each two to five years can give birth to a little creature that can weigh 66 pounds and measure 4 feet of length. The young depends totally on its mother and remains with herat least two years. Only the female is in charge to take care of the young, being given milk until their teeth well are formed to eat hard foods. The manatee is the only marine mammal completelyherbivore. Its main food constitutes marine grass and aquatic plants that grow little in deep places near the coast or in the rivers. The manatees take of 4 to 6 years in arriving to adulthood and...
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