El matadero de esteban echeverria

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That morning Judith and Grace were riding their horses over the snow. Grace was on Pilgrim and Judith on Gulliver. They were laughing happily while they were walking in a path looking for a bridge to cross a river. Judith saw a steep path to go up to the road. She climbed first and then Grace began to follow her, but suddenly she heard a strange sound from the road and a big truck came round thecorner. The driver saw them but he could not stop before hitting them. Judith fell down and hit her head against the floor while Pilgrim tried to attack the truck.
Mrs Dyer, the stables owner, phoned Robert, Grace's father. Grace was in a hospital badly hurt so he went to the hospital in order to wait Annie Maclean. He was very sad and told her that Grace was going to miss her right leg. Then MrsDyer phoned Annie. They had found Pilgrim in a cold hole. Pilgrim had lost much blood and it was damaged. They thought it was better to kill the animal. Annie said no.
When Grace wake up, she knew Judith and Gulliver were dead and she began feeling guilty.
It was Christmas, Robert and Annie were going to pick Grace up and they argued about the Christmas tree. Robert thought it was betterwaiting Grace to put it and Annie was in the other side. At the end, they put the tree without Grace because they thought Grace was not going to be fine again. When they were coming back home by car Grace asked them about the tree and Robert said that it was just set. Then Grace became angry and she did not speak again in that journey.
They were thinking about sending Pilgrim back to Kentucky becauseGrace did not want to ride it again or to see other people riding it. Then, Grace and Annie went to Mrs Dyer's stables to see Pilgrim again. When Mrs Dyer saw them she felt unhappy and she tried to hide Pilgrim. At the end, they went to a dark house where Pilgrim was and Grace could see it again. Pilgrim was in a corner and Grace felt frightened about Pilgrim condition and the terrible smelt.Annie was trying to solve Pilgrim and Grace's problem and she read at a library about horse whisperers. They were men who could speak with horses and know what they thought. One day, Annie listened to a message. Harry Logan, the veterinary had heard about Tom Booker, a horse whisperer. He worked in California at a clinic for nervous horses. He had been working all his life with horses and when he wasyounger he moved to Chicago and knew Rachel, his wife, although many years later, they got divorced with a child, who lived with his mother.
Tom received a calling from Annie and, next morning, he received a packet with some photographs of Grace and Pilgrim besides a return ticket to New York.
Tom went to New York and arrived to the stables before Annie. He walked around and saw Pilgrim into anawful stable. He became very angry and, then, he saw Mrs Dyer's sons hitting a horse. He defended the horse by attacking the boys while Annie was arriving. Annie tried to stop Tom but he thought it was too late and he went into the taxi in order to come back to his house.
Tom said the horse couldn't go on like this. So, he refused to help them.
Annie worked in a magazine and she asked to herboss to move to Montana. She promised working with her computer there. Annie rented a little house in Choteau, a village near to Tom's ranch. In that way, Tom couldn't refuse to help them.
Grace's feelings were confused and she always tried to hurt her mother. They travelled 2000 miles to Montana and Grace didn't speak. Finally, Annie stopped the car and asked her about what was happening. Noanswer. Then Annie went out and sat on the top of a hill. She cried for Grace and for the other babies that had never been born. At night, she drove again and they arrived to Choteau.
At Booker's lands there were two houses, a big house down hill, where they lived, and a little one up hill which was empty after Tom's divorce. Tom was with his brother's boy, Joe, when a car arrived and Annie went out....