El matador de green river

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Serial killers always make interesting research. Their crimes, methods, and bizarre thought behaviors never cease to amaze us. Sadly, the most interesting cases are typically the ones that baffle authorities and allow the killer to ply his trade unhindered, upping his body count as the days tick by.The name of this case is derived from the Green River, a river that begins in Washington State andempties into the Puget Sound in Seattle. Near the river is the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, built in 1942. As with any international airport, the area around it quickly grew as businesses sprouted to cater to the many travelers who crossed through its gates. One major throughway that runs near the airport is Aurora Avenue.  Just off the Pacific Coast Highway, Aurora Avenue is knowncasually as the Sea-Tac Strip. This hustle and bustle Strip is a haven of dingy clubs, seedy motels, and of course, many prostitutes. On any given night, hundreds of prostitutes could be seen hanging around the street corners propositioning by passers as they drove by. When a customer was found and a transaction initiated, they could simply take their tricks to one of the nearby motels or one of themany vacant buildings or empty side streets.
These empty buildings and dingy streets are not the result of an area gone into decay but rather the result of the airport’s desire for expansion. The airport purchased much of the land around the airport and then terminated all utilities leading to the buildings. The result? Lots of vacant abandoned buildings and empty streets that make ideallocations for the prostitutes to conduct their business. During the early 80’s, this ghost town of deserted houses, businesses, and shops became the scene of one of the most baffling serial killing cases this country has ever witnessed.

Riechert (2004) For twenty long years, Sheriff David Reichert played a cat and mouse game with the Green River killer who managed to stay one step ahead ofReichert, the local authorities, and even the FBI. But Reichert had no doubt in his mind that he was going to find the Green River killer, no matter how long it would take him. The book Chasing the Devil also shows that in law enforcement consists of humans and have feelings, too. They just often have to set them aside while we deal with horrible incidents. That day came in 2001 when DNA evidencelinked fifty-two-year-old truck painter Gary Ridgway to three of the murder victims. The long nightmare was finally over for Reichert and the families of the murder victims; with startling insider disclosures and the fascinating forensic details of the relentless manhunt itself. Chasing the Devil exposes the heart of true evil and reveals the dauntless efforts behind one man's quest to chase it.McCarthy (2002) Terry describes in his article River of death how detective David Reichert would find Gary Ridgways’s victims in the water. David would try to imagine Gary’s footsteps to see if how and why he would do such horrific things to such young girls. And the horrible thing about Gary was that he was married. David seemed to have a life of his own but was very consumed to the Green River case.He does his daily routine with his family but cannot let the case go until he knows that the killer is behind bars.
Smolow,Chiu (2003) The article Catching the green River Killer really pulls all the detail into the Green River Killer investigation. Gary confessed that his victims were prostitutions because no one would ever try notice they were gone. I think that of course these girls had tobe runaways or something because some of them were so young and people were going to be looking for them. It explains how he had a son and had married three times; it seems to me he had a regular life. This man had to obviously be mentally sick. There were certain techniques that Ridgway would use as to how he would to leave investigators not knowing where the killings took place. He also...
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