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In Guatemala there are many bookstores where you can buy differents kinds of books, each library has own specialty with certain classifications of books as: adventure, novels, books by nacionalauthors, information, religión, etc. So, to buy a particular book in a certain subjct you have to go to the proper library.

Artemis & Edinter

The library is characterized b very diverse intheir subject matter that ranges from adventre books, novels, travel guides, even children’s books, to learn toa Cook, through the biographies up to spirit guides and how to play guitar. This libraryalso seeks to maintain a good environment for their customers, having a plac for children to sit to read or flip through a book.

De Museo

This is a mystical character library which offers booksthat deal with subjects that are taboo and many other wonderfu things everyday. Among the books you can find books about vampires, tarot, philosophy, fantasy novels, spiritual teachings, etc. Hisair of incense permeated the music combined with the background. Andean futes, figurines of various gods and the themes of his books make this library unique.

Piedra Santa

This is a librarywhich is classified by is large number of books are required readings for education or be by a nacional authors. We can all remember when we were asked in elementar reading books like “La Mansion delPajaro Serpiente” or “Carazamba” of nacional authors.

Mater Et Magistra

This is a totally Catholic bookstore where you can buy Bibles, books on saints, prayer books or theology. As also con buyrosaries, crcifixes, statues of saints, anda ll this kinds of things.

To buy a book I recommend to you analyze the issue, so you may chose the appropriate library. Also, see which of the book aremore recent and more confortable with the price. There are a lot of books in every library and every one is different and wonderful, but that’s not right for us so we must choose the right.
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