El mercader de venecia

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The Merchant of Venice
1. Find these words in your dictionary

Duke flesh lead merchant mercy pretend servant

a. Which are words for people?
The words for people are duke, merchant, servant

b. Which words means?
i. a heavy metal? Lead
ii. The meat of an animal o person? Flesh

c. What are the other words in your language?
Merchant is a person that carries out thepurchase and sale of articles
Mercy is the compassion expressed a person, for a certain circumstance
Pretend to hide or to fake something
Servant is a person that helps in the realization of certain tasks

2. Read the beginning of the introduction to the book. Who are the most important people in the history? What do you know about them?

The most important people are Antonio, Portia, Shylock,Bassanio y Nerissa.

Antonio was a merchant, who lived in Venice. He was a good man, so Antonio had many friends.

Portia was a lady from Belmont and she was beautiful, clever and very rich.

Shylock was a money lender but he was ambitious. He didn’t like Antonio.

Bassanio was Antonio's better friend, he was rich but soon spent it all, he became poor and unhappy. He was in love withPortia.

Nerissa was Portia’s servant, but she was also a good friend of Portia.

3. Which of these five people in the story- Antonio, Bassanio, Shylock, Portia and Nerissa-

a. Live in Venice? Antonio
b. Put on different clothes? Portia and Nerissa
c. Lend money? Shylock
d. Chooses something wisely? Bassanio
e. Give their husband a ring? Portia
f. Wants a pound of flesh? Shylock

4.Answer these question

a. Why can’t Antonio pay Shylock?
Because his ships are all lost, he didn’t have money.
b. What must Shylock not take from Antonio?
He cannot take Antonio's blood.
c. Why doesn’t Bassanio want to give the judge his ring?
Because when Portia gave the ring to Bassanio, she told him “When you stop wearing it, that will be the end of our love”.
A midsummer Night’s Dream
5.Discuss these question

a. Do you ever dream? Can you remember what your dreams are about?
Yes, often I dream me of activities of the work or with my son. I also dream me traveling for different places.
b. Why is a dream a good subject for a play?
Because the dreams don't have you limit, therefore the plot of the work can have different topics (romantic, flunk, terror, drama)

6. Answer thequestion. Check the meaning of the words in italics in your dictionary.

a. What does a donkey look like?
I like the patience and meekness that this animal has.
b. Do you believe in fairies?
At the moment not, but when I was girl, I enjoyed the stories of fairies, I believed that they came from the moon
c. What does a magic do?
Art or hidden science which it seeks to produce, being beenworth of certain acts or words, or with the intervention of imaginable beings, results contrary to the natural laws.
d. Are midsummer days long or short?
The days are usually long, why it dawns more early but nightfall more late

7. Are these sentences correct or no? If not, correct them

a. Hermia’s father wants her to marry
Yes, he does
b. Titania wants to take the little boy fromOberon
No, she doesn’t, she has a little servant boys, and Oberon wants this boy as his servant.
c. Pucks puts the flower juice onto Bottom’s eyes
Yes, he does
d. When the four lovers wake up, Demetrius is still in love with Helena
Yes, he does.

8. You are Bottom. What happened to you? Tell your friends.
I don’t understand. I was sing when a woman appeared and she told me “You have a lovelyvoice and you’re so beautiful. Stay here with me. I love you!”


9. Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. What do you know about the Story?

Hamlet feels that he lives in a world of deceits and corruption, feeling confirmed by its father's murder and its mother's wild sensuality. These revelations lead to a state in which the moments of anguish and indecision are run over...
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