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  • Publicado : 11 de enero de 2011
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The documentary "Sicko" Director Michael Moore criticizes the health system of the United States being in that country health systems are privatized and haveaccess to them should be working in a good company to have good income and practically be healthy and not having had a disease before. It also makes somecomparisons with other countries such as Canada, England, France and Cuba where there is a universal social insurance is insurance which all people have accesssimply by the fact that it is referred to in its national policy.
The documentary begins with the case of an elderly couple with health insurance which theylose as she sick suffering from cancer and heart disease both with good jobs end with a big debt generated by the high cost of medical services and expensesare within the coverage of this, end up living with their children by being broken financially. The following case is an old man who works as a steward thereason is because in order to give free medicine needs to have a job otherwise the medicines they need him and his wife could not pay because they are veryexpensive.
He also speaks of other cases in which insurance is denied to people after thorough investigation of your medical record where it is practically arequirement to be healthy and in optimal conditions for such reasons as underweight or overweight is not approved insurance physician in addition to those alreadyenjoyed this so that they do any research or transaction must be approved in practical terms or special state operation requires a large investment of money
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