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  • Publicado : 30 de septiembre de 2009
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"A government afraid of its citizens is a Democracy. Citizens afraid of government is tyranny!” It would seem that Cuba and Japan give an example for each of the situations stated by Jefferson.Japans government is one based on relative freedom and independence such that “all of the people shall be respected as individuals” (Japanese Constitution). In contrast the people in Cuba are subjected toa “totalitarian regime that controls all aspects of life (Anaya Hector)”.There is a clear distinction among the two countries form of governing; one allows its citizens to pursue what elates themwhile the other dictates what makes a person happy. The Japanese people are assured that “freedom of thought and conscience shall not be violated” (Artilcle 19 ). While in Cuba “the government showslittle tolerance for unauthorized dissent” (Frank Calzon). One has a government that lets the people pursue their own ambitions and desires while the other implements its own ideals and dictates the waylife should be lived. The government incarcerates people for their peaceful political beliefs or activities
One of the rights people cherish the most is their freedom of speech, freedom to criticizeor enshrine something, the freedom to have their own view regardless if it is concurrent with the government’s ideals. This freedom and inalienable right is assured in the Japanese constitution in theform of, “freedom of speech, press and all other forms of expression” (Article 21). This same privilege is not ensured in Cuba. On the contrary, the government incarcerates people for their peacefulpolitical beliefs or activities that are against the Communist party (Eric Green). In Cuba’s constitution it is stated that all legally recognized civil liberties can be denied to anyone who opposesthe “decision of the Cuban people to build socialism” (Hector). The different ideals maintained by both countries are explicitly seen in the rights and in Cuba’s case restrictions on the people. In...
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