El mundo de sofia

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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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Around 1500 B.C. Aryans began a series of migrations from Central Asia to northern India. The Aryans were engaged in herding cattle and were semi-nomadic character. In the 1000 B.C.hubicaran their community in the fertile Gangetic plain going to engage in rice cultivation. These communities arias, would people with a poor integration between it and adopt a form of government closestto the realm of tribal court. It was then used to develop iron tools and weapons.
The Aryan peoples had considerable influence on the history of India as many Indian languages ​​today are rooted inthe language of those, Sanskrit. Similarly, Hinduism, most practiced religion in India, also has its beginnings in the religious forms that adopted the Aryans at that time.

The Vedas, are the oldestscriptures of Hinduism, and these groups of hymns that tell the mythical tale of migration and wars of the Aryan peoples whose leadership the exercised its own god, Indra. The Vedas were transmittedorally and were not written down until the sixth century BC The Aryans also influenced the social structure since Hinduism is one of its pillars, the caste system, a system of hereditary hierarchy.This system has an origin in the four varnas or classes of Aryan society. Two of the upper classes were the Brahmins (priests) and the hshatriyas (warriors). Here were the Vaishyas (farmers andmerchants peasants) and ultimately I Shudras (artisans, laborers or slaves).
Over the centuries, new beliefs and new towns would expand the already rich Indian culture.
The disagreements that came toseriously affect the Brahmins, led to the creation of a number of new sects like Jainism and Buddhism. Buddhism come to the sixth century - V BC and the teachings of this highlighted more in the plain ofthe Ganges and its surroundings. Buddhism does not come to stand out from other sects long after Buddha's death until the reign of Emperor Asoka (reign 268-233 BC) who converted to this religion....
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