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The use of narcotic drugs is a relatively modern social problem, not because society has become aware of itself that the use of these substances lead to social problemsand individual problems, but rather, because just today, the "vice" has acquired the physiognomy of "social phenomenon of the twentieth century."

Somehow, we are all involved, we know that there are drugs aroundus. Some acceptedeconomic, social and cultural and other penalized. Often do not have enough knowledgeabout it, and like everything in life, ignorance leads to error, but the real problem thatmodern society faces, not the substance itself but the use and abuse of these substances are creating every day millions of addicts around the world, fromhousewives who are hooked on barbiturates,spending by executives who abuseProzac, so that offends Yonkie looking for "an ounce of madness."

What is drug addiction?

It is imperative that a person has to consume alcoholic beverages or other drugs. This need does not disappear even though the consumer or user suffer the negative consequences produced when consuming or time to stop using them. Generally, it is more psychological thanphysical need.

Addiction is considered a disease. What is a disease? Medical Science is defined as a phenomenon with at least three characteristics:

First, there are symptoms, they are a set of warning signs that the body "issues" in order to indicate any damage to its structure or operation; Second, there is a progression in any disease, that is, things tend to worsen if left untreated theproblem Third: You canget a forecast of what results when the disease runs its natural course.

Hallucinogenic drug:

LSD. The most known of the hallucinogenic drugs (usually use orally, effects:hallucinations, poor perception of time and space, delusions, can cause psychosis, withlong-term effects such as hallucinations, panic, severe mental disorders and sometimes irreversible ) is derived from lysergicacid, which is found in ergot fungus that grows on rye and other grains.

Acid, "Microdot", Ray White, Sky Blue and Sugar Cubes.

It can be seen as colored tablets, blotter paper, clear or square cubes of gelatin.Ingested orally, licks the jelly or placed on the eyes

The effects of LSD are unpredictable. Depend on the amount taken, personality, moodand expectations of the user and theenvironment in which the drug is used.

The effects experienced when taking LSD are described as a "trip" because there is a sense of place-shifting to another space-time. This experience can be divided into four phases:

ð Phase Uploaded Between thirty minutes to an hour after the shot, the colors start todarken, moving objects leave behind a wake. Even with closed eyes may have similar views.ð Plateau Phase: About the second hour, the effects are more intense. They appearfantastic visions and visual hallucinations.

ð Phase or Maximum Peak: Time seems to stop and experienced a kind of translationto another world. This experience can be something mystical or, conversely, produce fear and fear.

ð Fall or descent phase: Between five and six hours after ingestion, are disappearing allthe effects of the substance.



increase in body temperature

increased blood pressure



Loss of control

The experience with this drug called "a journey", which can last up to 12 hours. But often itturns out to be a nightmare. Some users experience frightening thoughts and visions thatthey believe in such a panic that many have jumped intothe vacuum causing his own death to escape from these feelings that they identify as a real danger.

psychological Effects
Inevitably mixed reactions sought by the consumer with unwanted responses.

psychological Effects

-Feeling slowed down in time
-sensory disturbances

Difficulty in carrying out complex functions:
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