El mundo que no es...

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The World As It Isn’t

I am full of curiosity about the world as it isn’t since the world as it is, that is, the Present is definitively not what I was craving for. So, I wonder if there is apossible or alternate world in which all the other discarded options are to be selected. That alternative world is the world as it isn’t now.
Due to our human nature, decision-making is unavoidable.There are times when a choice made on the spur of the moment, later, becomes a dreadful mistake. Life itself is full of obstacles we must sort out; making up our minds about a particular issue andspeaking up may lead to uncertainty and discontent. So, with all this in mind I ask myself if a decision closes a door which prevents us from crossing the threshold to a life parallel to the one we live in.Is there a reality drift?
If there is one or more alternate realities, I do not really know but my flow of thoughts makes me wonder whether a decision taken in this plane of reality, the Present,opens a new path in time, a forking path. Going even further in my imagination, I consider that simultaneous paths expand akin to a labyrinth. A desperate craving for walking through all of them andexperiencing all the possibilities overwhelm my soul. But then, I realise that all those planes of reality granted daily cannot be followed because of the limitation of my simple and finite existence.With this question another is closely connected. I must explain it with a simile. Life can be seen like a kaleidoscope, which displays a range of diverse irregular and colourful shapes; likewise,different paths are built every time the tube is turned. A labyrinth of possibilities opens up in front of our curious eyes. Similarly, the multiplying effect of recreating alternate planes of reality inwhich I can experience all the possibilities of life unravels my imagination. Now, all those fanciful alternatives end up in futile cheerfulness... I am immersed in a world where having taken an...
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