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Nov 15th
Warm-up Speaking on uncountables: money; information
Gerund SPL v v Infinitive without to MML Infinitive with to PWAL
Speaking practice on make/let and Mike wants me to pass my exams
Reading ABCD extreme sports with the +ing form
Hand-out on the .ppt and the list
Used to v to be used to +ing or + NOUN / to get used to doing sthg / got usedto doing it / will get used to +ing / had to get used to +ing
Used to v usually
Speaking expressions and INTONATION practice Apple v other products
Present continuous for future plans
Future simple to make a decision & inform of decision

Nov 10th
Mnemonics: create your own for SPL MML PWAL
Writing errors what does AG mean? INDIRECT Q I don’t know what AG means.
Gap fill correctedTechniques for doing a gap fill
Speaking: uncountables
Grammar+homework: used to do (past) / usually (now) / used to + ing
Speaking: For and against flying used to be more fun linkers although & however
Listening Video zoobombing when an action is the subject it takes the +ing form
Listening + Speaking + vocab Stress

Nov 8th
Vocab review travel
Tenses review: past simple; past continuous; pastperfect; past perfect continuous
Speaking: tell the story
Speaking: the debate; the crisis...
Conditionals: What would happen if Greece left the EU?
Video: numbers Led Zeppelin
Conditionals: forms, usage, examples speaking

Nov 3rd
Golden Rules: deduction from error analysis
Speaking: four-way information exchange on the long weekend
Topic sentences indicate the intention of a paragraphOrganisation of a text: linkers, topic sentences and content
Travel vocabulary
Listening and speaking travel risks
Speaking: telling an anecdote
Past verb tenses identification: to be continued!

October 27th
Speaking activity + corrections
Linking exercise corrected and explained
Because v because of
In spite of/despite v although
Writing model and linkers placed
Listening BBC newsOctober 25th
News quiz
Vocabulary Towns and Cities
Organisation of a model for and against essay
Different types of linkers
Homework exercise on linkers
Linkers matching activity
Speaking: Job interviews as interviewer and interviewee
Homework: vocabulary on towns and cities
Speaking: social issues

October 20th
Homework: write a 4-paragraph composition on Tourism in Bcn
Paragraph1: Introduction presenting the situation
Paragraph 2: Present 3 arguments agreeing with the proposition in the
video: see it again on the website/moodle
Paragraph 3: Present 3 arguments disagreeing
Paragrph 4: a short conclusion balancing the + and – with your conclusion

Prefixes checked
BBC headlines – almost as a dictation then complete the text
Special attention was paidto the pronunciation of weak vowel forms
/ ə / when saying of / on / in
Also we looked at the connected sounds when a word ends in a consonant and the next word starts with a vowel:
relief effort ( reliefeffort

Verb tenses review:
Review of past simple v past continuous
Past simple v past perfect
Present perfect simple v continuous v past simple

Present perfect v past:
When did shemeet her husband. She met him in 2005
How long has she been married?
She has been married for 6 years (this is a state)
She has been married since 2005
How long has she been learning Italian? (this is an action)
She has been learning Italian for 30 years / since 1980 (action)
How long have you been driving? I’ve been driving for 8 years
Remember stative verbs do not take the –ing form(continuous or progressive)

October 18th
An introduction: correction
Infinitive of purpose
Present perfect
Second conditional
A verb as a noun subject takes the –ING form

Vocabulary review news stories, videos and suffixes

Listening to an advert: what is the advert for? Vocabulary
Listening and watching: Steve Jobs video
Compound nouns
Speaking about technology products

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