El niño con el pijama de rayas

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The boy in the striped pyjamas
Task 7: Father’s carácter

1. Describe how Bruno’s father reacts:

a) He is given a better job

My point | Bruno’s father reacts by telling the familythat they will move to the countryside. |
| |
My evidence | I know this because on chapter eleven on page 116 they are telling something |
My explanation | The dialogs that father takes parton are revindicative and authority not on this chapter on all the chapters that Bruno’s father apears |
| |

b) His mother tells him what she thinks of him

My point | Grand mother reactsby getting furious with his son in a christmas dinner |
| |
My evidence | I know this because in chapter 8 on page 93 is a dialog about this |
My explanation | My explanation about thisis the dialogo f grand mother :(Page 90; 91; 92; 93)Grandmother was the only one who seem unimpressed -I wonder – is this where I went wrong with you Ralf? -I wonder if all th performances I made yougive as a boy led you to this. Dressind up like a Puget on a string.-No mother. (Said father) You know this isn’t the time.-Standing there in your uniform ( She continiued) as if it make you somethingspecial. Not even carring what it means realy. What it stands for.-Nathalie, we discused this in an advance (said grandfather)Grandmother had something to say, she always foynd a way to say it-Youdiscused it, Mathias-This is a party mother (said father) and it’s christmas let’s not spoil things-I remember when the grate war began (said grandfather)-He did come to harm Matthias (insisted GM)Take a look at him for your evidence -Oh you will listen to yourself! (cried GM) Wich one of you is the most foolish, I wonder?-But Nathalie (said mother trying to calm the situation) don’t you thinkRalf looks very handsome in that uniform?-Handsome? (asked GM)-Handsome did you say? You foolish girl! Is taht what you concider to be of importancce in the World? Looking handsome?-Ashamed! (she...