El niño de la pijama de rayas

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The kid in the striped pijamas.


Ralph/Herr Kommandant-
Herr Liszt-Vivi

Ralph- (shouting) Elena!
Elena- (worried) What happened, Ralph?
Ralph- My boss gave me the good news that I’m in a high level now!
Elena- Oh darling! That’s pretty good.Ralph- Yes, and you and the children, must move with me to Berlin, there’s where I’m gonna work.
Elena- Oh God! OK, today we’ll make a “Goodbye party”, to celebrate your new rank and to say goodbye to our friends and family.
Ralph- Ok!
[The little party began, Bruno soon of Ralph and Elena was not happy about the dad’s promotion, he didn’t want to go to Berlin, he must leave his friends and hishouse.]

Berlin, Germany .
Ralph- Elena take the children to their rooms, I’ll work, do not disturb!
Elena- Ok!
[In the living room]
Elena- So? What do you think children?
Grettel- About what? This house is completely boring.
Bruno- I want to go home Mom, I want be able to play with my friends.
Elena- Oh Bruno, you can play with your sister.
Grettel- JA-JA! No mami. It’s boring to be here,I’ll choose my room.
Elena- Maria!
Maria- Tell me Mrs.
Elena- Take Bruno to his room and please help him to put his things in order.
Maria- C’mon Mr. Bruno, let’s go.
[Bruno’s room]
Bruno- What do you thing about the new house Maria?
Maria- My opinion doesn’t matter Mr. Bruno.
Bruno- (Looking through the window) Do you know if in that farm are some chindren?
Maria- Jaja, oh Mr. Bruno,here’s not farm close.
Bruno: What about that farm?
Maria- (looking through the window)(Nervously) Oh yes, I don’t think so, there only work the farmers.
Elena- What are you talking about?
Bruno- About the farm mom.
Elena- A farm?
Bruno- Yes, I can see the farm through my window
Elena- Oh my god! Bruno, please go to play with your sister.
Bruno- Ok mummy.
Elena- Maria, ask somebody to putsome tables in the window, I don’t want to Bruno to look out there.
Maria- Yes Mrs.

[In the living room]
Elena- (shouting) Ralph!
Ralph- Why are you shouting?
Elena- You told me that de camp was too far from here.
Ralph- Yes it is.
Elena- Bruno can see it from his window, he thinks that it’s a farm!
Ralph- Don’t let him look out there.
Elena- I won’t.

[Having a breakfast]
Ralph- Giveme coffe.
Maria- Yes Mr.
Bruno- Daddy, why do the farmers wear pijamas?
Elena- They were pijamas because that’s their uniform Bruno.
Bruno- Are there some childs? Like me?
Ralph- No Bruno.
Bruno- I miss my friends, I’m bored here, even I think I miss my school.
Grettel- Me too Dad.
Ralph-It won’t be a problem, you’ll have a tuthor
Grettel and Bruno- A tuthor??
Ralph- Yes, he will comehere, and he will teach you history.

[In Mr and Mrs. Room]
Elena- Why those people are close? I saw one of them in my kitchen!
Ralph- They work for me!
Elena- But…
Ralph- Stop Elena! Don’t make the things harder.
Elena- (crying).
[In the living room]
Herr Liszt- Hello childs! I’m Herr Liszt, your new tuthor.
Grettel- I’m Grettel, and this is Bruno, I’m 12 years old.
Herr Liszt- whatabout you Bruno? Are you 8?
Bruno- Yes.
Herr Liszt- And tell me, do you like to read?
Bruno- Sure.
Herr Liszt- What do you read?
Bruno- Books
Herr Liszt- What are those books about?
Bruno- About adventures.
Herr Liszt- We won’t read those books here, we’ll learn about history.
Bruno- History?
Grettel- I like history!
Herr Liszt- Bruno, the adventure bookd are only fantasies, sciencefiction, etc.
Grettel- That’s for stupid.
Herr Liszt- Ok, Grettel please start the reading on page 68, second paragraph.
Grettel- (Reading)
Bruno- Can I ask you something?
Herr Liszt- Tell me Bruno.
Bruno- Why does the book say that? The jewish are bad people?
Herr Liszt- They are not people Bruno. They made us lose the war.
Grettel- They are not like us Bruno, they must die.
Bruno- I don’t...
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