El origen de la vida

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The Incas
The Inca Empire was a huge territory compring landscapes from enormuos beaches populated by exoctic birds, through snow – covered mountains to dense tropical jungle.

In the Inca Empirewas found variety og cultures, traditions and languages as yunga, puquina, chicha, atacama, aymara and quichua.

Manco Capac was the first of thr great Inca emperors know as the great warrior andwhose conquests created the famous Kingdom of Tahuantinsuyo. One the successors was Pachacutic who conquering new lans and created a capital for the Empire named Cuzco or “The Navel of the World”.Pachacutic created mew forms of cultivation of crops, also introduced new religious system in which the center was the sun considered as the great god and the Inca were called chldren of the Sun.

Inthe inca Empire had two inpportant factors. The fist was arrival of the Spanish in 1532, and the second was the dispute for the throne of the Inca Kingdom between the bothers Huascar, based in Cuzco,and Atahualpa baded in Quito.

The Empired of taguantinsuyo bagan to dacline with the arrival of Francisco Pizarro in tumbez and his fatal meeting with Atahualpa in Cajamarca on November 16, 1532.LIFE IN THE INCA EMPIRE

Life in the Inca Empire was peaceful also the people adopted new customs among them concerning nutrition.

Por example in the Andes more tan 80 varieties of the cropswere planted for contribute to the nutrition and health of the people.

The fish was included in the diet of populations, the meat was not one the favorite dishes of the Empire`s in habitants alsoeaten dusck or other domestic fowl, other kinds of meat were eaten for example venision, llama or alpaca, guinea pig, huanca ( a King of wild dog ) and capibara.

The people learnes how to plantaccording to the climatic conditions of each región. Corn is a plant very sacred. It grow in temperatura hot with the corn can do the chicha a favorite drink of the Andean peoplesz, ather delicious...
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