El oso picha con el otro

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Rubric for Problem of the Week #1
| |2.5 |2 |1.5 |1|
|Problem Statement |Student states problem clearly and in |Student states problem clearly and in |Student states problem in mostly own|Student does not state problem in |
|Restate the problem and ideas in your|own words. Student identifies the |own words. Student identifies the |words, but leaves out important details |ownwords and/or shows little |
|own words. |mathematical essence of the problem, |mathematical question. |or the point of the problem.|understanding of the mathematical |
| | | | |question.|
| | | | ||
|Process |Student demonstrates a thorough |Student demonstrates a clear |Student demonstrates a partial |Studentdemonstrates little |
|What did you try? |understanding of the problem and |understanding of the problem and |understanding of the problem. Little |understanding ofthe problem, and |
|What worked? |communicates a detailed explanation of|sufficiently communicates his/her |organization is evident. Little use of |communicatesinformation in |
|What didn’t? |his/her process. Method of |method of solution. Method of |diagrams, tables, etc. Communication of |isolated pieces in...