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  • Publicado : 27 de marzo de 2011
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Westover Time
Latchetts Monday 23, June 2011

Ashby Tragedy

A couple of days ago, died Simon Ashby.

We find in the clinic with Simon’saunt, called Bee, we were talking with she about how this situation affect to Simon’s family members, and she response:

“Hi. Yes we are really sadbecause we don’t expected this, it was really tragic when we recive the notice, but things happen for a reason and we must take it with calm”

ThePolice told us that they were investigating the incident and they concluded that every starts when a men called Brat Farrar passed as Patrick Ashbywho allegedly was killed when he was 13 years old but one day this men called Brat that was physically exactly like Patrick went to Latchetts andmake believe everybody that Patrick wasn’t dead and that he was Patrick.

When the police found the body of Simon, they found the bones that whereidentify as Patrick’s, they investigated too how Simon kill Patrick and summarized that Patrick’s body was through to the quarry and Simon keepsPatrick’s jacket and he write a note and he put it on the jacket and then he throw it far away from where the body was.

We ask Eleanor that if shefelt bad about all this fraud, and she response: “Yes, it was really unexpected, I’m really sad about all this situation but at the same time happybecause I was falling in love with him”

Finally they discovered that Brat was the son of Walter that was Uncle of one member of the Ashby family.
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