El papel de la mujer desempenado en la iliada

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|A Statistical Investigation | James Coghlan |

Table of Contents

Page 1: Statement of Task

Page 2: Collected Data


Page 3: Basic Statistics: Female ILU

Page 4: Basic Statistics: Female Age

Page 5: Basic Statistics: MaleILU and Age


Page 6: Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient (Female)

Page 7: Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient (Male)


Page 8: Chi Squared overview and ILU and Gender

Page 9: Chi Squared: ILU and Age in Females

Page 10: Chi Squared: ILU and Age in Males------------------------------------------

Page 11: Graphs


Page 12: Analysis and Conclusion

Statement of Task

In this task, I will be investigating the correlation of internet leisure usage (ILU) per week and age. Also, I will test to see if there is a correlation between ILU and gender, although it will not be the main body of my project.

This basically means I willbe testing to see if a person’s time spent using the internet for leisure purposes depends on their age and/or gender. I will collect data from friends and peers in LIS (my current school), as well as friends from overseas and from people on the internet. I will therefore be using primary data in this investigation.

I chose to centre my project around this topic, because the use of theinternet has become greater and greater in recent years, and it would be interesting to see whether age and gender are depending factors on how long it is used for leisure purposes per week. As I am also someone that uses internet, this topic relates to me in a personal way. I will analyse and process my collected data in a number of ways:

Basic Statistics

First of all I will find the mean,median and mode for the following variables: Female ILU per week, female age, male ILU per week and male age. This will allow me to gain a considerable amount of information about the data I am working with, in a simple, efficient way.

Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient

I will use this calculation to determine whether or not there is a correlation between ILU and age. Since I am will dothis in each gender group, further comparison can be made between the male and female scores. This is the main part of my project.

Chi-Squared Test

Finally, this test will be used to verify the results found in using Persons Correlation Coefficient, and so will either contrast with or, back up the previous result. However this will also be used to determine whether ILU and gender are linked.This is the side part of my investigation, and acts as another process that my data will go through.

My hypothesis is that overall, there will be no correlation between ILU and age, and none between ILU and gender. My data and the processes in went through will be enough to either prove or disprove my hypothesis, and so by the end of this project, a definite answer will have been reached.|Female |Age |Internet Leisure Use per|
| | |week (hours) |
|1 |13 |18 |
|2 |14 |35 |
|3 |15 |40 |
|4 |14 |6 |
|5|17 |27 |
|6 |18 |6 |
|7 |15 |10 |
|8 |19 |25 |
|9 |16 |18 |
|10 |14 |75 |
|11 |15...
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