El perro es muy importante

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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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Isabel Rodriguez
Class: English Reading II
Teacher: Dora
The dog is very important pet in the Life of their Owners.
The pets are very important in the owner’s life. The dog is the most commonpet in some families, because they are friendly and intelligent. The dog is ever alert when strange people arrived at owner’s house, the dog barked when they are listened a strange noise. The dog movesit tail when they are happy and take care for their owner’s children and blind people. Others dogs help into the police department and they are working as a police dog.
First, some dogs are veryimportant in their owners’ life because they are very intelligent. They caught care for their owner’s house. They barked a lot when strange people arrived at owner’s house or when they listen a strangenoise. For example, when my sister arrived at my house, my dog was barking and growing a lot. It was not permit to my sister came into my house still I came to take it and give to another room, then mysister should be enter in my house.
Next, the dogs are very carefully with their owner’s children. They take care of the children and like to play with them. The dogs are very patient with thechildren and they support the rude plays of their owner’s children. Moreover the dogs are very friendly and move their tail when their owner’s arrived at house. Some dogs are trained for help to blindpeople and take care for them. Those dogs are very special because they help all time to their blind owner’s. For instance the dog helps to blind people to walk in the streets with safety.
Finally,others dogs help to the society into the police department. They are working as a dog police and they help to found drug. For example in the cross border the dogs smelled all the cars looking for drugs,when they found something they sat down, and they not move still the police caught the drug and remove it of the car. Another dogs found explosives and they bark a lot for alert to the police. The...
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