El pie y sus funciones

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  • Publicado : 27 de febrero de 2011
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the foot is made up of 26 bones divided into three regions:

• A further area called Tarsus, home of the talus and calcaneus bones (back row).Cuboid, Navicular and three wedges (previous row.)
• Amiddle zone called Hock, where are located the bones called metatarsals, which are five long bones that include first through fifth, from within the foot out (the first metatarsal in relation to thebig toe and fifth metatarsal regarding the little toe).
• The fingers are counted as the first finger (or fat, or higher), second, third, fourth and fifth fingers. From the inside out, until thelittle finger or toe. Each finger consists of three small bones called phalanges (proximal phalanx, middle and distal). The great toe has two bones: the proximal phalanx and distal phalanx.

The footaddition consists of a large number of joints, muscles and tendons, arteries, veins and lymph vessels, subcutaneous tissue and skin. Each of these parties have a proper functioning and a differentstructure and complex. However, their action is what makes the foot in a macro-balanced movements performed biomechanical displacement of center of gravity with phases of stability and instability, and ahigh degree of coordination segmental (Lafuente, 1998).

The foot can remain static and in the vertical, as musculoskeletal structure allows adaptation to any equilibrium, either static ordynamic. This leads to extreme demands on the dancers, as the base of support ranges from full support on the ground floor to the top half (relevé) or support on the tips of classical dancers.--------------------------------
The distribution of the body is crucial in maintaining the balance and efficient movement of the dancer. The alignment is critical for proper weight distribution in one or bothfeet. As the dancer moves, the body weight is continually refocusing on one or both feet. In the flat foot position to cough all five fingers and the soles of the feet bear the weight of the body. The...
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