El porque del cancer

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  • Publicado : 6 de marzo de 2012
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For me cheating and collusion is totally subjective. I think that the only way you cheat is when you cheat to yourself, that means when you know you´re cheating and you know you are not doing theright thing. But sometimes you really don´t want to cheat or collude but you do it without even thinking about it because you don´t feel like you are cheating. I sometimes help my friends that havedifficulty in the Spanish language adding a few new words for their homework essays that they would never use, not because I´m helping them cheating, is because I want them to learn and I want to help themimprove (is not that I´m writing the entire essay for them). So that situation in my point of view is helping your friend improve his sentence structure and his vocabulary, but a teacher will seethat as collusion. When I do that I don´t feel that I´m helping them cheat and I don´t feel that I´m colluding, but the teacher does, so that´s why I say is subjective. Another example is when I have towrite a text for whatever English subject that I have, so I look for information in the internet. I see this sentence that I really like, because is complex and has a lot of information. So what I dois that I keep the same sentence structure but I put it in my own words, maybe I look for synonyms so I can add more words to my vocabulary. I do that because I want to learn how to use thosesentences; so when I have a paper 2 in English B I get full marks in the “X” Criteria of using complex and amazing sentences. But a teacher, who reads what I wrote, will notice that those sentences structuresare beyond my capacity of writing because he knows the way I write my essays. He will see that as a plagiarism. Then he will talk to me about it, I´ll say I did it because I want to improve so Igrab those sentences, keep the structure and wrote it in my own words. He will think that I just simply “copy and paste” the text from Wikipedia, and that I replaced the unknown words with synonyms...
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