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That's a 4 in both of your useless stats. Note that this can take a VERY long
time - instead you may wish to simply settle for a 5 in oneof them, or even a
5 in both of them. It will not ruin your character, you'll just have 1 or 2
points less in LUK in theend, which isn't a whole lot.

As you level up, your DEX should be your level multiplied by 2, and all otherpoints should go in your LUK stat. For example, I'm level 25. My DEX should
be 50. If I'm level 40, my DEX should be 80. Here's howI do it. Let's say I've
just leveled to 15 and my DEX is 30, like it should be. I level to 16, and
increase my LUK by 5.I level to 17 and 18, and both times I increase my LUK
only. Then, when I level to 19 and to 20, I increase my DEX both times. Theonly exception is leveling to 15 - your DEX is 25 at level 10 so it only needs
to increase by 5 when you hit level 15.All you need to do is keep your DEX double your level, and make sure
all other points go into LUK. Also notethat at level 50, you'll follow the
same pattern as before - increase your LUK at the two last levels. However
since thereis no equipment between levels 40 and 50, your DEX will end up
being 90 at level 50. It will be 100 at 60, and 110 at 70, and so on.
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