El racismo del siglo xxi

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  • Publicado : 2 de enero de 2012
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The racism of the 21st century.
People around the world suffer racism every day, just trying to find a job, entering in a store or even watching a TV commercial, but we don’t truly realize thishappens right in front of our eyes, and not only in history books.
The population of european origin in Mexico, a minority in demographic terms, is over-represented in the electronic and print media.Regardless of socioeconomic changes and the current social reality in Mexico, both in film and television the character with indigenous features usually has the role of servant, while the roles of "nicepeople" are almost always reserved for white-skin actors. Advertisements in print and television show an image of a white majority country. This is not limited to advertising from abroad formultinational companies. Also national companies such as Telcel, El Palacio de Hierro, Liverpool, Comercial Mexicana, etc… use almost exclusively caucasian models in their advertisements.
Recent demographicstudies have shown that even in the last years women working’s rates have increased, those works are not higher nor better paid. This kind of racism is not exclusive for women, some companies likeFord don’t accept Jews. Furthermore, those migratory new laws in Arizona who have recently infected many other states, restrict the ability of Latinos to work in the United States.
Last week I wasbuying cookies at my corner store and a Mexican native woman with her two little children came into the store, but the owner didn’t find it good, so he got her out of his store and the woman left. Thiskind of racism to people who appear lack of money make some other people believe they will steal, treating them like thieves.
Finally, racism is a strong mistreat which has never disappeared, it hasonly been hidden, costumed to our view by the media, making us believe is ok or even normal. This and many other kinds of racism are represented daily in our lives with our usual activities like...
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