El renacimiento

Harlem... A Space of Discovery

Much has been said about how African American culture flourished through the years after their unfortunate period of slavery. A unique and exquisite culturedeveloped and grew allowing the whole world to see and appreciate African American intellectuality, artistic talent, and entrepreneurship capacity. Throughout the years, African American writers, poets,musicians, dancers, and painters have delighted the world offering the richness of their culture and their heritage. It is, in fact, fair to say that African American art and culture is directlyconnected to the history of it’s people. Every piece of the African American talent exposes a mixture of African origins and the experiences lived by black people in America ( the black people who’s ancestorswere brought from Africa and forced to be slaves; the black people who were born slaves and forced to live under inhumane conditions; the black people who strived to find their own identity and bevalued and respected for it). During the 1920‘s, a period known as the “Harlem Renaissance” took place in the U.S. The Harlem Renaissance is certainly of great importance to the African Americanculture since it represents a period where blacks were able to flourish intellectually and artistically finding their own identity and building a foundation for social equality in the coming years. It isimportant to analyze the background and reasons that brought African Americans to eventually migrate to Harlem; the beginning of the movement that took place in this area; the different forms ofexpression that flourished during this period, and finally how the challenges of the Great Depression brought it to an end.

According to statistics, about 15 million African men, women and children weresold to work as slaves in different parts of the world. Most of this slaves went to America. The cotton and tobacco fields required intensive labor and the African men were forced to work on them...
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