El rey de misericordia

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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2010
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The King, There he stood with a large sword. There he stood before a line of kneeling servants, each kneeling side to side, with theirheads inclined before his presence, all made of stone. The king then proceeds to the first servant, the one at the right. He raisedhis sword and cut off his head. He continued left down the line chopping off each of the stone servants head one by one. Out of the manystone servants kneeling before him there was one who wasn’t in stone. This servant was dressed in a white robe, a beautiful whitegown. There he stood kneeling with great fear, and a shining gorgeous golden crown on his head. With his head inclined he covered his facewith his long shimmering hair that passed his neck in length. Closing his eyes in great fear as the king beheaded all the stoneservants, he knew soon it would be his turn. The king was so swift and quick as he passed across the line for a second it was as if there wasno mercy for the way he beheaded them so quickly, without a second thought. Soon after he reached the servant who wasn’t in stone, butinstead of launching his sword to his neck he reached out his hand. The humble servant full of fear lifted up his head to look at hisking. Feeling unworthy and scared, he took his kings hand as the king raised him up and tears fell crashing down hitting the ground.
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