El rol de la mujer en la literatura

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Essay on,
The role of women.

Taking in to consideration that women are the inspiration and trigger for many passionate and delightful novels and stories, it appears to be of great importance to portrait the magnitude of the feminine manifestation in the literary world.
But not only the role they have represented in the world as writers but as the inspiration for the stories that havecaptivated us all.
Having read two great literary pieces in which women make a strong impression or take part in critical moments of the stories, it is impossible not to formulate preconceived ideas that involve the way people see us women and the way we manage ourselves in the world.

11 minutes, a novel by Paulo Coelho talks about Maria a prostitute who overcomes a series of changes in her lifeand that gets involved in a progressive self creating course of action. Among with other characters that also go through changes in the book, Maria starts embracing herself and decides to become whoever she wants to be by accepting who she, with no doubt is, at the moment.

It is all about being able to control what you do, by not truncating what you feel; Being able to get the inspiration foryour actions and even thoughts and ideals from within.

The perfume a novel by Patrick Susskind describes the importance of smells and the senses, the way we perceive people because of their personal scent.

The main character pursuits a quest in order to produce the perfect perfume made of the scents of thirteen girls with delightful scents of their own. A mysterious character who decidesto kill women and that only appreciates them for their smell. Not even for their looks and even less for their thoughts and feelings.

Sociologists have rarely researched the senses; and of all the senses, smell has been and probably still is, the least valued. This was something that fascinated me. It was incredible to find this novel that talk’s about a humanly natural behaviour that controlsour emotions and actions.

These two novels are not alike in plot or even in the environment they are placed.
The diminute string that sows them together is the manifestation of women.
Still they are completely opposite views of women.
In one book we have a representation of a woman that is worth for what she feels and thinks not for what she does or appears to be. The external portraitof a person is not what counts but what is inside the person.
In the second book, there are women that are looked at as sensuous creatures that possess a certain power over humans. Their scent is what makes them extraordinary. A way of corporeal importance, that is beyond human understanding.

Having stated the different ways in which a person, in this case a female, can be looked at it isimperative to take a deeper consideration to what it is that makes people like they are.

It is not entirely incorrect to state that a sensuous but deep character would make a person a whole. Having a nice scent and outer image as well as a powerful inner self is what makes one “perfect”.
This image of the perfect woman to fulfil is highly demanding even traumatic, regardless to this resultsmany stand alone in front of an indifferent audience. Studies have been made all over the world about what women and men want. What is it that makes a person attractive and pretty? This question concerns many sociologists around the world.
Personality tests and other surveys done in several young women in Europe state that female humans are always trying to rebuild themselves not only externallybut internally as well. Nevertheless they don’t believe that physical characteristics are of up most importance.
“Having a pretty face is not what counts, but it is a way of going places easily” Says Marianela Fresnos a Spanish forty one year old sociologist. “Going to a beauty salon is not only a ritual but a necessity now days, if you are not groomed and pretty, nobody will take you...
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